Summer Ready!

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Hey There Squad!

I cannot be the only one ready for summer? Its been a steady 70-80 degrees here in Texas. However, I am so ready for the 90+ degree weather, trips to the beach & lots of ice cream! Do you have any plans this summer? If so, what are they?

I'm feeling super inspired right now. I wanted to write how I am feeling so that I can come back to this later and tell myself, "See Brittany, you have great days too". 

I posted some new releases today & it seems that I always find inspiration when I look at photos. Real photos of the beach, animals, people laughing, etc. I hope your Sunday is amazing. Don't forget to take a minute and soak in the life that you have and remember to be thank for all that you have. <3 

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  • Posted on by Michele

    See Brittany, you have good days, too!!! Im so glad you’re feeling better lately. I’ve had some down days lately, myself, but I know it will pass. It’s been rainy/stormy here, so I think that’s part of it. Definitely ready for those hot, humid days!!! Absolutely LOVING the new releases!!!! The beach is my fave and I’m ordering a couple more of those this weekend lol!

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