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Grab Bags (GLOSSY)

$ 24.00

Grab bags consist of random sheets. We have decided to put everything that was the same in one bundle and sell them that way. This was the most popular way.


Large sheets are $2 (matte) & $2.50 (glossy) + shipping & taxes

Small sheets are $1 (matte) & $1.50 (glossy) + shipping & taxes


Functional - 6 Large Sheets (5x7) & 6 Small Sheets (4x3)

Functional - 12 Small Sheets (4x3) 

The school and fitness bundles have a mix of matte and glossy. There are at least 12 matte sheets in each bundle, so we are just selling them as matte bundles but you'll get a ton more! Each sheet is large (5x7) $2 per sheet totalling $18 + shipping/taxes

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