If you wish to skip or cancel your subscription, you must do so atlas 20 day prior to your subscription renewal date. All subscriptions are renewed on the 20th. Therefore, all changes must be made before the 2nd on the following month. See below for dates!

Every month on the 22nd, I will send an email to all active subscribers with a reminder of  their skip/cancelation deadline. There will also be a link where you can see the sneak peek of the upcoming box.

Feb 20th - S/C by Jan 1st

Mar 20th - S/C by Feb 1st

April 20th - S/C by March 1st

May 20th - S/C by April 1st

June 20th - S/C by May 1st

July 20th - S/C by June 1st

Aug 20th - S/C by July 1st

Sept 20th - S/C by Aug 1st

Oct 20th - S/C by Sept 1st

Nov 20th - S/C by Oct 1st

Dec 20th - S/C by Nov 1st

Once the deadline date has passed, you will be unable to skip or cancel. This is to ensure that we can begin processing boxes and getting them out to you in a more timely fashion. 

If you have trouble understanding this list, please let me know! support@littlemisspaperie.com

By purchasing an Little Misstery Box, you are agreeing to these terms. 


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