Binder - Pink Stripes
Binder - Pink Stripes

Binder - Pink Stripes

Choose 1 of 3 options...

1. Cover only

2. Binder with cover - binder will come with cover already placed

3. Binder with cover & exclusive kit - exclusive FULL kit will be included with this bundle. The kit will not be sold in the shop.


Each cover comes as is. The only thing you will see different is your name/quote/initials/etc. I do not have any rules to what you put on the binders as long as it is appropriate. If something happens to be innappropriate, you will receive an email from me, asking to change the text. 

Each binder cover comes with a spine cover to match. 


Please let me know in the NOTES AT CHECKOUT what you want your binder cover to say. If you do not put anything, I will assume you want it blank. If you forget to put it in the notes, send me an email immediately (or I will send you one). You can do so by click contact up at the top navigation bar!

Covers are printed on Weatherproof Matte Paper!

Thanks everyone!


Binder covers are 6.67 x 8.42

Regular price $ 5.00

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